Friday, March 4, 2011

French Breakfast Puffs

Update: I made them. They are simple and delicious.  They remind me of a really good cake donut, like the ones at Hasgas in Dorset or Downyflake in Nantucket.  The batter is lightly spiced with nutmeg and the cinnamon sugar on top is just perfection.  As far as baking goes this recipe couldn't be simpler.  Dump all the dry ingredients into one bowl, dump all of the wet ingredients into another bowl, gently mix the two together and scoop into a lightly greased or papered muffin tin.  
The author of this recipe said that this was the first thing she learned how to bake as a child, and I agree that this is a great recipe for a young baker.  It is also a great recipe to make for for picky eaters.  There is no offensive fruit or funny business about these muffin puffs.  
I ate three yesterday.  Yum. 

Recipe found here.  


  1. The muffins can be prepared as a breakfast treat along with a cup of coffee.

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